RVRB [re·verb] is the reflective expression of musical artist Cameron Mitchell, producer Johnluke Lewis, and creative director Blake Johnston.

RVRB is a collective in search of freedom, truth that’s found in non-conformity. With the purpose of promoting self-growth, self-acceptance, and genuine self-expression RVRB brings individuals down the road of understanding - Embracing the tension found in the echoed experiences within culture.

Through the progressional expression of highly-personal experiences RVRB blends reality and fantasy, resulting in the existing collage of mixed media art RVRB shares today.

“We were what we were—indefinable.”

On April 5th, 2019, RVRB began a new season to explore self-realization, growth, and natural beauty. A new single, “bad at love,” expresses this newfound sense of discovery.

In the mainstream reflection is pensive, emotional. Shifting from this mold, the journey of self-realization continues into the celebration of self-acceptance. In 2019, RVRB will release the EP, “Drift.” But drift is more than just an EP.

“drift is a mood.

drift is a feeling.

drift is a state-of-mind.

drift is a form of expression.

drift is change.”

Drift is a transitional expression that sets the tone for tomorrow - A new perspective that provides freedom from the conventions of today’s mainstream culture.


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